Intelday Foundation is specialized in national and international communications campaigns for strengthening the role of the media and promoting their participation in public processes, promoting worldwide achievements in the field of electronic media and media law; support for research in the media and media law; promoting the legitimacy and protection of human rights and improving the welfare of vulnerable social groups; providing counseling to disadvantaged people in the society and supporting their social integration and personal realization; development, management and implementation of national and international projects and programs in the field of media, media law and human rights protection.

Perceptica Ltd. specialises in monitoring, measurement and analysis of broadcast, print, online and social media for Southeast Europe. Combining its analysts’ expertise with the latest media listening technologies, the company offers full-spectrum media intelligence services – from real-time monitoring of your brand, to in-depth reports and consulting.

Perceptica was established as a media analysis agency in Sofia, Bulgaria, in 2012, merging with Bulgarian monitoring provider Media Monitor in 2019 to become the leading media intelligence provider for the region. We are members of the International Association for the Measurement and Evaluation of Communication (AMEC) and the Bulgarian Public Relations Association (BDVO).

M-Brain AS is a global information services company. It offers media, business and market intelligence solutions, strategic analysis and consultation services.