Study – results

Study on the coverage of the domestic violence and gender-based violence in Bulgarian and Norwegian media

The topic of Domestic Violence and Gender-Based Violence (DVGBV) is gaining in popularity and the awareness of the need to make informed decisions leads to the search for more up-to-date and more comprehensive information on the topic. The purpose of thе PREVENTION THROUGH AWARENESS Project  ACF/349 was to analyze on the coverage of for DVGBV in Bulgarian and Norwegian media by identifying relevant media for information retrieval, analyzing data, to enrich the data on the topic, present the role of the media in the topic of DVGBV, and communication campaign.

Gender-based and domestic violence (GBDV) is a problem covered by the media on a daily basis. In the period November 2018 – November 2019, 7475 relevant articles on the topic were published in Bulgaria and 7179 – in Norway. A comparative analysis of the way in which the media in both countries approach one and the same problem and how they cover the cases of gender-based and domestic violence has been made.

The study on the coverage of the DVGBV in the media enriches the information according to Specific objective 1 of the Thematic Priority № 4: Increasing the contribution of civil society organizations to gender equality and preventing gender-based violence.

The Prevention Through Awareness Project ACF/349 is being implemented with a financial support of Iceland, Liechtenstein and Norway under the EEA Financial Mechanism.

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