How the media talk about domestic violence

Articles that trivialize cases of domestic violence and gender-based violence show that the media in Bulgaria are misunderstood about this serious problem. Many of them turn the news into a sensation, putting loud headlines and drawing conclusions based on assumptions. At the other pole are the media in Norway, where there are almost no articles trivializing the cases of domestic violence and gender-based violence. The authors of articles there avoid sensational headlines, shocking phrases and expressions in order to attract attention, but instead follow the cases in their entirety, seek expert opinions and refrain from authorial categorizations in the coverage of news related to domestic violence and gender-based violence.

This became clear during the second round table held on September, 3, 2020 within “Prevention through awareness” project.

The project is implementing with a financial support of Active Citizen Fund under the EEA Financial Mechanism . The Prevention through Awareness project ACF / 349 is implemented by the Intelday Foundation, in partnership with Perseptika EOOD and M-Brain AS, Norway.